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Thailand Club History
Hokkaido Thailand Club was started on 18 Jan. 1998.
At first, we started as a part of NGO group, Asian children group, who would like to offer both support in living and mental support for Thai people who live in Hokkaido. Then, we also started to have Thai language class, so we did not only support but we also tried to understand more about each other ’s culture and life style. We just hope that Hokkaido would be more comfortable place for Thai people to live in.
At the beginning, we wondered how many Thai or Japanese people would come to join us, maybe only 10-20 persons but actually there were more than 60 people who were interested in this activities.

Message from Mr Toyonobu Orita:
President of Hokkaido Thailand club
At the present, there are about 40 Thai members and 80 Japanese members joined this club. Now we still welcome new friends who interested in Thailand.
At Thailand club, we have many Thai events, such as Loy Krathong festival, Songkran festival, The King’s birthday, welcome and farewell party for Thai students, Bar-B-Q in summer etc.
In these activities, we can have chance to communicate with Thai people, taste original Thai food made by Thai housewives, know about Thai lifestyle and other information about Thailand.
In addition, we also have volunteer activities, learning group (about Thai conversation, cooking, and dance), etc.

Please feel free to come to join us.

We are looking forward to seeing you!!!

Purpose HOKKAIDO THAILAND CLUB is active to plan active acquaintance with the Japanese and to strengthen understanding and friendship more with taking care of the mutual connection of the Thai birthplace person who lives in Japan.
The main events *Thai conversation  *Thai cooking   *Thai dance
*Food Carving  ・Report "PUAN" issue(A few times per year)
In addition, We wish to create and extend activity on your idea.
The main
*Songkran festival  April
*Farewell party for Thai students   March and September
*Loy Krathong festival    Night of the November full moon
Annual fee
Office Postal code number  060-0807
Baan Heights Sapporo 902, kita7, Nishi1,
Kita-Ku. Sapporo-Shi, Hokkaido, Japan

Since it becomes absent in the daytime.
  Connection is E-mail.
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President Mrs.Toyonobu Orita
Inquiry Mail           HERE
Secretariat Wanida Tucker    

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